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Manufactured, high quality ovals, they have high heat output and long burn life. Suitable for open fires and multi-fuel stoves. Also suitable for burning in smoke controlled areas.

£12.50 for 25KG bags


Avg moisture 15% (Guaranteed less than 25%)

£5 refund on next delivery

Cut consistantly to 10" (25cm) in length
Bark makes excellent firestarter

Ash is considered the best firewood for burning because of its long burn life and high heat output! 

15Dumpy Bag£95
201/2 Tipper Load£120
302 Dumpy Bags£170
40Full Tipper Load£220

Ash logs, cut consistently to 10 inches in length. Ideal for your stove, open fire or multi fuel burner. Provided in nets making it easy to carry and stack your logs, where ever you may want them.

Kiln Dried Ash

Kindling softwood, ideal for starting the fire.

Eco Logs

Avg moisture 10% (Guaranteed less than 20%)

Easy to carry and stack nets

Cut consistantly to 10" (25cm) in length

Birch is a great firewood, producing good heat and good burn life! The Bark also makes an excellent fire starter! 

£75 for a full 1M3 dumpy bag.

Birch logs, cut perfectly to 10 inches in length. Great for stoves and multi-fuel burners. Comes loose in a 1M3 dumpy bag (builder bag) with a £5 refund on the return of the bag. (Or £5 off your next delivery)

Seasoned Birch

Firewood For Sale Bristol
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Firewood and Logs Bristol
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£6 for a large net (2.5 x bigger than our old nets!)

The best quality logs in Bristol

Eco logs are made from 100% recycled British sawdust. They are the most environmentally friendly fuel you can burn and are completely smokeless. They are compressed and dried to approximately 6% moisture to from a very dense briquette. Eco logs burn hotter and longer than traditional firewood.

Come in packs of 10KG - £5.00 per bag

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